Feb 12, 2022 Swipe Emails

(affiliates) …Merry Christmas

(affiliates) …Merry Christmas


I had to say…
Merry Christmas early because…

Jordan Hall.. is doing like $3 epc today

Greg Wood’s got one list doing about $5 epc…

Jay’s doing like $2 epc.

Tim Ricke is doing about $5 epc today.

Jim Brewer got over $1 epc. (actually $1.04)

And No B.S…

Patric Chan is doing $10 epc today.

…and I just bumped the
oto conversion & have a new
test beating my control.

Outside of EPC’s there’s even more
money to be made on this, because…

I would like to hand you some cold
hard cash as a Christmas present…

That’s why I’ve also got these two
sweet contests that can further line
your pockets if you promote hard.

From December 16th to December 23rd, I
have two 8 day contests with $19,000 in
prizes for the people who sell the most.

Because it’s 20th, there’s
still, $16k up for grabs.


Daily Sales Winner 1k Contest

16th – $2,000 daily winner – Sal Haque & Sean Miller
17th – $1,000 daily winner – Gregory Wood
18th – $1,000 daily winner – Gregory Wood
19th – $1,000 daily winner – Matt Marcus & Jay Deiboldt
20th – $1,000 daily winner – Matt Marcus & Jay Deiboldt
21st – $1,000 daily winner – maybe you?
22nd – $1,000 daily winner – maybe you?
23rd – $1,000 daily winner – maybe you?

Overall Winner 10k Contest (ends Dec. 23rd)

1st – $5,000 – Could be you…
2nd – $2,000 – Could be you…
3rd – $1,000 – Could be you…
4th – $500 – Could be you…
5th – $500 – Could be you…
6th – $200 – Could be you…
7th – $200 – Could be you…
8th – $200 – Could be you…
9th – $200 – Could be you…
10th – $200 – Could be you…

As you can see, there’s still
a lot of money up for grabs.

Grab the email below, just
push send and make money…

You Rock!


P.S. Outside of all that this is a freaking
killer product, the members are calling in
just to say thank you… that’s no B.S. too!

P.S. Below is the best converting
email for this offer so far below 🙂

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