Feb 12, 2022 Swipe Emails

(Affiliates) IMPORTANT and urgent!

listen up because this email could add a
quick cash to your bottom line today.

Michael Jones just launched a new conversion
boosting product on clickbank

It’s already crazy.

***Push Button Cash Site is Live***

All your affiliate details and promo materials
can be found here:


Your affiliate link is:

Change the XXXX with your ClickBank ID

Here what’s in it

1) 60% commission on main product plus 3 upsells – that’s $263 PER SALE.

2) Crazy conversions – we took the same team as the clickbank code, the affiliate code and the cash code

3) All promotional materials supplied – emails, banners, EVERYTHING.

This launch is HUGE, so you need to act fast
and grab your slice of the action…

If you want to make some stupidly
easy money, mark join MJ NOW.

Thank you for your continued support.

Your friend,


PS- Don’t forget, if you want to talk something
over, or arrange something special, this is Michael

PPS- If you know any other affiliates who want to
make some really easy big commissions, please forward
this email to them.

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