Feb 12, 2022 Swipe Emails

(affiliates) HOLY SMOKES!

(affiliates) HOLY SMOKES!


…this is SMOKING HOT!

…conversions have doubled.

…the competition is increasing.

…and the party is just getting started.

This offer is smoking HOT now,
better then it was ever before
because of two remarkable guys.

Alen Sultanic and Travis Stephenson.

If you know me, then you probably
know that I’m not afraid of investing
to get the best talent in the world
to help me make things better…

First, I reached out to Alen and paid
him $2k an hour for his time to help.

And let me tell you…

Once again, he’s proven he truly deserved
winning 2010 Internet copywriter of the year…

…all of his suggested worked like a
charm and we boosted the conversions
388% with a few minor tweaks…

…taking the EPC from $1 epc to
over $10 epc for some people.

Then on top of that, I just reached out to the
new video doctor in town Travis Stephenson…

…and paid him to make the new control
look and feel better then it did before.

Get this…

…his video nearly doubled the conversions of
my original control video (now old control)…

Combining the power of these two
talents…we now have in our hands a
freakin smoking hot, HOT offer…

…this things so HOT now I’m afraid
to touch it – it might burn my hands.

If your sitting on the sidelines then
get off it now because there’s a new
HOT converting offer in town to mail…

Below are the “BEST of the BEST” emails.

Grab any one your money hungry heart
desires and push that send button:

The Top 5 Converting Emails…

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