Feb 12, 2022 Swipe Emails

(affiliates) From the Desk of Matt Bacak

(affiliates) From the Desk of Matt Bacak

~Contact.FirstName~, I had to get permission
from my wife to do this…

So get excited, I have good news!

First, I’m not sure if you remember but
we had to start the launch a day late
because my son was in the hospital…

(for those who were wondering
Brian’s doing a lot better now)

And because of the late start, I
really, really wanted to move the
contest back too Christmas night,
but I was kinda afraid of what my
wife would say if I asked….

However, last night I finally
worked up the nerve…

…and she said OK 🙂

So, get excited because…

Now, there are 2 more daily
1k contests for you to win!

(this makes it a “21k cold
hard cash contest” now)

…and if you really think about it, it
really makes perfect sense because…

…if you actually watched the
sales video, I’m increasing the
price Christmas night too.

(yea, the scarcity is actually real)


The price increases…

The overall contest ends…

…on Dec. 25th at 11:59pm est.

That really makes everything
congruent having them both
ending same time, same day!

With that being said, the time
is now to make your move!

Best Regards,


P.S. I’ve found Christmas the best mailing
day of the year, especially when you use the
swipe I’ve have been testing for years…

…just wait till I send it to yea!

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