Feb 12, 2022 Swipe Emails

(affiliates) Brand New Update & NEW $1,000 WINNER!

Subject: (affiliates) Brand New Update & NEW $1,000 WINNER!

I’ll tell you who the new $1k winner is

in a sec, but first a little update…

Spillover Commissions gets better and

better everyday! I’ve never seen anything

like this since Mass Money Makers…

…over 1 sale a minute since 10:30 am.

More and more people are jumping on FAST!

Affiliates still getting HUGE EPC’s.

The RAVING reviews are coming strong.

No wonder why people are hitting

again and again and again…

…because this things ROCKIN.

Talk about about Rockin… out of

the blue came a brand new 1k daily

winner that slammed it today!


I just sent him his rightfully

deserved $1,000 bonus…

This click slamming,

1k winning man is…

The Great….

…Ronnie Montano

And with this being a new

day, it means a NEW 24hr $1k

contest starts right now!

Most sales win!

No sale min!

Just start blasting!

Best Regards,


P.S. Get your swipes here:


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