Feb 12, 2022 Swipe Emails

(Affilaites) Thanks ahead of time!

Get ready – there’s an all star cast
of who are blasting tomorrow.

Check them out on this site below and
get the fire power you need to be ready
for promoting this at 11:00 am est.


~Contact.FirstName~, you’re amazing!

As you can see, nothing but pure talent there…

…and with talent like this, it’s exactly how
we’ll change the game and set a record of
2,000 gravity and move 20,000 front end

So, with this in mind friend…tomorrow,
we’ll see you on the top 10 leaderboard
– all you need to do is just copy and
paste the emails we’ve tested for you.


See you on the leaderboard!

Talk to you tomorrow,

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