Feb 12, 2022 Swipe Emails

20 Beta Tester Positions FILLED!!…Too late!

Subject: 20 Beta Tester Positions FILLED!!…Too late!?

You read it right! Sean has already
recruited his 20 Beta Testers…

And The Doors Are Now Closed!!…

Well, they were closed – for roughly
54 minutes…

Until I told Sean that I received
over 100 “unhappy” emails from my
subscribers, who felt robbed of their
chance to become a Beta Tester.


Due to much persuasion and for
the lack of positions that he offered;
he has decided to recruit…

…ANOTHER 20 Beta Testers
==> https://www.imoneyhub.com

This is your last, and ONLY, chance to
get this “plug n play” eCommerce store,
which is a TRUE business-in-a-box!

Imagine earning 6 streams of income

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