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WordPress RSS Plugin — Selected RSS

There are lots of ways to get traffic to your website, but I’m guessing that there is one white-hat method you don’t know much about.

You’ve probably SEO’d your site (good first step), written lots of articles (time consuming), posted comments to blogs and forums (hard to keep track of), made a few videos (Did you make Spielberg nervous?)…and a few other things, too.

And that’s all good & smart.

But did you create, aggregate, and distribute your RSS feeds?

You might be asking “WHAT’S THAT?”

Well, let me explain.

RSS is a method to “publish” your content so that other sites can slurp it up. Each time they slurp it up, they get only part of each post, and give you a link back to your site for the rest.

Your WordPress blog automatically makes an RSS feed for you, so you’re missing out on some really easy backlinks by not distributing your RSS feeds.

My “Partner-In-Wordpress-Magic”, Dan Nickerson, and I have just launched a new WordPress plugin that allows you to easily create MORE RSS feeds from your same already-created content than ever before.

It’s called the Selected RSS Plugin

You can publish new content, and even years-old content, using SRSS.

Here’s how you can use SRSS to get traffic and backlinks in just a few minutes.

You’ve probably got an older blog and you wrote tons of great content three years ago, but nothing recently. You use Selected RSS to make a custom feed, of your best and most compelling post titles — and pages, too.

You take that newly created feed and submit it to a dozen feed aggregators (we give you about 20 right inside the plugin).

Installing and setting up the plugin takes less than five minutes, and once you publish the feeds you’ve almost instantly generated fresh backlinks to content buried deep within your site.

…Which is great for SEO and driving new visitors to your site.

If you’ve been looking for a way to create hundreds or thousands of natural backlinks — and you haven’t fully explored using RSS feeds — then this is the simplest solution you’ll find.
It’s priced starting at $7.00 as a WSO, and the price goes up by a dime every 7 sales.

See the video at http://budurl.com/srss

To Your Success!

Mark Widawer

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