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Rank Tracker Plugin Review

There is a problem with most statistics programs, and the Rank Tracker Plugin for WordPress solves those problems.

Well, kinda.

You see, the Rank Tracker Plugin is NOT designed to be a full statistics program — far from it.

But what the Rank Tracker Plugin does is something very important: It tells you not only THAT you got traffic for a particular keyword, it tells you where you ranked for that keyword.

In other words, it’s one thing to say to yourself “Hey, where do I rank for a keyword” and then go hunting in Google for that listing. It’s something altogether different for you to be emailed the info either instantly, daily, or weekly each and every time someone searches on Google and lands on your site.

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In the Rank Tracker Review Video above, you’ll see the emails I receive.. For example, the Rank Tracker Plugin emailed me and told me that “There has been a change in your Google rankings!” and then it says:

http://www.trafficandconversion.com/clickbank-or-1shoppingcart-which-shopping-cart-should-i-use/ is now ranking at number 4 in Google for the keyword phrase: clickbank shopping cart

How cool is that?

Here’s a screen shot:

Rank Tracker Plugin Screen Shot

I had NO IDEA that I ranked so high. And, if you check Google, you’ll see that TrafficAndConversion.com, my site, ranks higher for “clickbank shopping cart” than the website called “clickbankshoppingcart.com”. LOL.

It even ranks higher than Clickbank.com for that keyword.

Now THAT is cool.

And I never would have known that were it not for the Rank Tracker Plugin, because, let’s face it, no one checks their website stats often enough.

Advice For Internet Marketers

An important thing for you to know, as an internet marketer is this concept:

Build on your strengths, not your weaknesses.

That means if you discover that you rank well for a particular keyword that makes you money, get that keyword to rank even higher BEFORE you start working on keywords that don’t make you ANY MONEY yet.

When the Rank Tracker Plugin emails you and tells you that you rank #4 for a keyword like that, or any other keyword that makes you money, then THAT is the keyword you use to build more links and drive more traffic to your site.

It’s easy pickins!

Advice For Web Developers and SEO Experts

Do you build sites for clients and promise them that they will rank high on Google? Are you an SEO expert, optimizing sites and increasing rankings?

If you are, then you need the Rank Tracker Plugin. Here’s why.

In some circles, we SEO professionals are about as trusted as attorneys and used car salesmen. To most people, SEO is a black art. But, if you can find a way to prove to your clients that you are doing a good job for them, and make that method totally automatic and totally objective, your clients are going to love you. And, they are going to continue to pay you for your service.

As soon as you start working on a client’s site, add the Rank Tracker Plugin. Then, do your work, and they’ll get an email every time someone hits their site from Google. They will see, with their own eyes, and totally passively, how much more traffic you are generating for them.

For example, I am doing this now with a website I built for a client, a Fabric Store in Woodland Hills, CA. (see how I just built a link with anchor text??? SMART! They also do upholstery repair in Los Angeles, by the way <grin>). Every time they get a new visitor from Google, they love me more.

And you deserve love from your clients, too.

Whether you’re a marketer working on your own sites, or an SEO professional working on client sites, I recommend the Rank Tracker Plugin.

Get the Rank Tracker Plugin here.

–Mark Widawer

p.s. If you Google “websites for local businesses” , you’ll see another one of my sites come up at #2 or 3 (it moves). How do I know that? The Rank Tracker Plugin told me so.

It’s cheap, and worth 10x what it costs — not because of what it does, but because of what it will make YOU do. Simply put, knowing where you rank will make you more money. Get the Rank Tracker Plugin today.

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