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How to make horizontal opt-in boxes for Aweber in WordPress

It’s new year’s day and since you’re already up and reading your email, it’s probably a GREAT day to do something that’s going to help you build your list and make you more cash for all of 2013.

So here’s an idea for you…

Dan Nickerson (the smartest WordPress Marketer I know) and I spent a couple hours the other night playing around with a new WordPress list building plugin that is truly impressive.

If you’re in a rush, check out this new plugin right here:

WordPress Plugin to make Advanced Optin Boxes for Aweber

You’ve seen this already…

All of the professional bloggers add these neat boxes to their sidebars (and usually also to the bottom of the posts), where they advertise their newsletter and where you can sign up. They work GREAT. The problem is: those opt-in boxes are not easy to create.

Trust me, we’ve spent hours in the past building horizontal optins that will fit in a 728×90 widget area or smaller. It requires a lot of custom coding and tweaking to Aweber forms.

Well, this new plugin changes all that.

It comes pre-loaded with more than 30 awesome templates. Which can be customized in 100’s of ways.And it works with almost ANY autresponder service, not just Aweber (includes Aweber, iContact, GetResponse, InfusionSoft, MailChimp, ConstantContact, and more.)

Seriously, you have to see this, to believe it:

Hybrid Connect — WordPress Plugin to make Advanced Optin Boxes

But here’s the thing… you’re thinking: “Ok, an opt-in box builder. Cool, but NOT VERY EXCITING.”

Well, it gets better, because you can also build..

* Responsive, mobile-ready opt-in boxes!
* Popup Lightboxes that popin from anywhere
* Slide in boxes that slide-in from anywhere
* Facebook optin boxes (if user is logged into fb, one click optin)
* GotoWebinar optin boxes (yes, even gotowebinar)
* Horizontal optin boxes
* Sidebar optin boxes (any height)

It works with all the major email services, and can even sync to Aweber’s api.

You can add unlimited opt-in boxes anywhere on your WordPress site with a simple short code.

And… well, you get the picture. This thing does more than I can reasonably explain in one email.

Basically, if your goal for 2013 is to build bigger lists and get higher optin rates. This plugin will pay for itself quickly.

Here’s the link to learn more:

Hybrid Connect — WordPress Plugin to make Advanced Optin Boxes

To Your Success in 2013!

Mark Widawer

P.S. It even does split testing! And a few quick installation notes. It’s a large plugin file so you’ll need to upload via FTP, and I recommend using Chrome to set it up. This is definitely an advanced plugin which will take 15-20 minutes for you to fully grasp once you activate. But it’s sooo worth it.

Finally, yes we are affiliates and may be compensated if you purchase. But we wouldn’t recommend it unless we were going to use it ourselves and thought it would work GREAT for most of my readers.

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