Jan 27, 2022

How to Earn Trust With Preeminence In Your Client Business (Part 1)

Jay Abraham stopped by to discuss the strategy of creating preeminence in your business, building trust, earning authority and learning the mind of your market.

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Chris and Taylor:

He’s the mentor to the mentors. And you know, one of the reasons why we connected with Jay is he has been around for a long time and he’s been in the game and he is known for his character and integrity. 

And we didn’t really know the extent of that until we had those close connections and conversations with Jay at his office on the phone. And we’ve really had the opportunity to see that be a real, tangible thing. He really cares for people. He’s very highly motivated and seeing other people win and he’s become our friend and obviously a mentor. 

So Jay, we really appreciate your time today and we’re just going to flow and let you do your thing. 

And we’ll have a lot of fun today. 

Jay Abraham:

It is my honor to have the privilege of helping people shorten, uh, the, the, you know, the route and the path and, and elevate the outcome and learn how to add more value. So, uh, I’m here for the betterment of everyone. Thank you, sir.

Chris and Taylor:

I’m going to take us away. I’m going to take us down the rabbit hole. Okay. All right. So Jay, we started working with you about six months ago, ish, right?

It’s been amazing. Every time we talk to you, you change our thinking. You show us a new angle, you teach us how to probe. And in fact, I think the first time that we spent time with you, you spent about three hours scrutinizing every area of our business. 


Remember that I do, indeed. In fact, it was, so it was so long that we had to have pistachios to sustain us through that time. 

Those would work no other.

Chris and Taylor:

You dissected and dismantled and showed us new ways to position ourselves. And, um, I just wanted to kind of hear from you too, before we dive into questions, before we start talking about preeminence and all the things that you’re so known for. 

What did you find about our business and us and us? 


I’ve found two very dedicated, impressive, talented experts who really didn’t grasp the magnitude of what you could do for others and how you could reach others and how many ways you could articulate it so that others would trust and respond to you. 

I gravitate towards businesses and people who really and truly make a bigger difference than they even know how to express. And I was impressed by both of you. And I was really impressed by your humility and your genuine focus on growing and developing. 

There’s a quote that I live by and it’s a modification, but Socrates said:

“A life unexamined is a life not worth living.”

And I believe that a business that is not constantly examined, reexamined from as many different focal points and impact levers, as you can possibly understand, and identify is a business not worth owning. 

And that applies to everyone I counsel. And it should apply to everyone you counsel. I’ve learned that because I’ve been in so many different industries, I’m not the most techno-sophisticated person, but I’ve learned thousands of different, better alternative ways to market, strategize, connect, impact, gain trust, convert, package.

And most people don’t have the access to the spectrum of possibilities. So they’re limited. And when you introduce fresh new ways of thinking that are very logical, because they’re working wonders in other industries and you teach them to somebody like yourselves in an industry where very frankly, almost everybody markets sells, uh, promotes the same way it gives you great advantage. 

Once you put the whole puzzle together, I don’t know if that answer is good or bad or protracted or useful, useless, but that’s what I found.

Chris and Taylor:

Amazing. One of the first things I remember is, I wrote this down and our audience will recognize this, because I’ve taken it and I’ve given you credit Jay. 

So I’ve basically shared your teachings, but you told us that over your lifetime, you’ve had, you know, we all have opportunities to do a deal or to make money that might not be ethical. 

In fact, the first meeting I told you that we were opportunists and you said, no, you want to say ethical opportunists. Because you know, you always want to protect your integrity because you can get money back. You can get things back, but if you trade your integrity, even one time, you’ll never get your integrity back. 

And when you’re right. And I think that’s a very overlooked element in a lot of young and a lot of smaller entrepreneurs thinking, they don’t really realize how important that is over time. And also with regard to their dealings with the marketplace today. 

Let’s dive into preeminence, especially in the client business space today.
Everyone tends to be fighting for the same clients and there’s not a lot of differentiation.

One of your biggest precepts is how to become that trusted advisor in any market, whether you’re obscure or unknown now, or whether you’re relatively well-known.

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Okay. I’ll get into it. And you just said something, which sounds a little bit hype-y, but in truth, the strategy of preeminence or the advanced strategy, there’s an integration now. 

It’s probably the greatest philosophical strategy or strategic philosophy that an entrepreneur can live their business and their personal life by. It’s a very impassioned thing. It’s liberating. It’s more powerful than you can possibly imagine. 

It probably helps if I go through the origin.

So, I’ve had all these clients and one of my clients was the outrageously over-sized, big gorilla in the market.

They were two or three times as big as their closest competitor, their profit margins were double or triple, their prices of products were premier. They were in publishing and advisory. 

Their renewals were much higher. Their upgrades were much higher and their numbers were better and they had incredible loyalty. 

And I didn’t know what they were doing. They did not learn this from me. But when I started, I realized that making money from them was a waste because they could teach me something that would transform my ability to transform an enormous number of other people’s business and lives. So I exchange a half a million dollars of my consulting time for the right and the privilege to spend a week with them interviewing all their executives, the founder, the architect of their culture, their belief system, to try to figure out what was their secret sauce, what was driving all this extraordinary superior performance and achievement. 

And I had about a thousand pages of really interesting notes that I distilled down to I think, 20 or 30. I’m going to try and give you as much as I can in the shortest period of time. 

Let me try to start in the beginning. 

Number one, your goal and your purpose is to be seen by your target market. As the most trusted advisor, they can turn to you for whatever the product, service, category, outcome, purpose is that they are seeking. 

Number two is you want to not just be seen as the most trusted advisor, but the only viable source they could possibly consider, because you have established your distinction, your presence, your stature, so much more stratospherically distinctive above and beyond the maddening crap. Now that’s the goal. 

How do you achieve the goal? 

You start by first and foremost, understanding your market at a level no one else has done that requires the following. 

You have to seriously talk to them. You have to examine, evaluate and explore their reality, which is not the same as yours.

You have to understand their definition of different concepts, which is not the definition that you would have. You’ve got to understand and appreciate and respect and acknowledge their reality that they’re living. You don’t have to accept it, but you have to respect it.

If you don’t truly understand who and what and why they are, you can’t really connect with them at the level of richness and bonding and trustworthiness that you need. 

Second. You really have to understand what trust really is made of. 

There are about 13 behavioral traits and characteristics that make up trust. 

I did a really cool interview with the most knowledgeable source of trust-building in the corporate and business arena a couple of years ago. Trust is a lot more dimensional than most people think. 

And lack of trust is one of the greatest singular determining factors of people saying YES, moving forward, opening their receptors. 

In order to do this, you have to be willing to tell people the truth. 

Every human being has a sense that they’re not getting the truth from almost anyone and that there are better ways, and there’s a deeper reality. And there’s alternatives that people aren’t telling them. 

People crave knowing the real truth. They’re silently begging to be led. 

They don’t even know they’re struggling with other opportunities. They don’t really clearly know what they want, but the caveat is they want to be led by somebody. 

They must absolutely feel their leader has their best interest at heart. Because if you don’t, you’re the same thing as everyone else. 

You’re a commodity.

You have to be willing to tell them the truth and the truth isn’t always going to make you money. The truth isn’t always going to resonate with everyone.

If you try to appeal to everyone, you have no belief system that is really authentic.

So you gotta decide what your belief system is and not try to give them what they want without really integrating who you are. 

As you are transacting business, you have to care enough about their wellbeing and respect them. 

You have a responsibility and you have the opportunity to transform their lives in some small or massive way. Not just the through product or service you sell, but the impact, the outcome, the long term result it can make in that person’s life. 

However, you have to be willing to never allow them to buy less than they need in less quantity, quality or combination they may need, or in less frequency than they need. 

Conversely, you can’t try to sell them more than they need. They have to really have the need, and you have to be authentic. 

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Here’s a demonstration of what I mean.

Imagine I’m holding a half a bottle of water that happens to be sparkling water. 

Let’s then presume I own Jay Abraham’s bottled water shop and water bar. And you guys come in and you want to buy a half a glass of water or one glass, and I take your money without first, making sure you are aware that you have a physical requirement and a necessity to consume. If you take only a half bottle or half glass, you’ve failed to realize that your body needs seven and a half more of those everyday at a minimum for your body to function. 

I have this obligation to first of all, make sure you’re aware. 

Second, I will do all in my power to make sure you get it from me or from someone. But I can’t be comfortable in my own moral or ethical conduct until I’m aware that I have made you aware.

As long as you’re clearly aware, then I’ve done my job. Conversely, if you buy eight glasses a day or the equivalent for me, but you only come every other day, I have the same moral obligation to advise you that you need to do it every day, not every other day or every fourth day. 

Now, if you can take that sort of simple metaphoric example to whatever you do, you have this moral obligation to share your perspective. 

If you know that what you do is superior and the outcome is better and that your company supports, cares, educates and installs whatever it is you do more effectively, more successfully and more enduringly than anybody else, then it is your responsibility to share it.

Here’s a copywriting hack.

Secondly, you have an opportunity to understand the words that your market is using to describe how they feel inside. Most people who are drawn to anything don’t even know what they’re searching to accomplish. 

They have a macro idea, you know, make a million dollars, but that’s far more, nuclear or granular than that. And the more you can put those feelings into words: the fears and the ability to emancipate or solve those fears or the opportunities specifically they’re trying to accomplish, the better it is for you.

Then you can speak in a way that resonates with their subconscious and for the first time, diminishes the stress and the strife and the frustrating drive towards whatever it is that they don’t really understand. 

The more you own their mind share, the more preeminence you will have. The way you do it best is a combination of the following.

This is something I created that is enormously powerful. I call it the Amazon dot com school of marketing. And what it means is you can take whatever category of product, service or business that your company deals with. 

You can go to Amazon and you can do it either way. You can do it by books. You can probably do it by products and you can go to all the reviews. First of all, you go, if it’s a book to the title, you go to the best sellers, the last 25 best sellers for the next last year, year and a half. 

And you look at the titles because titles normally convey a desired outcome or avoidance that people want. You look at the subtitles. You look at the chapter titles, because those are what people want. Most books sell more because of those factors, titles and headlines are the equivalent than they do the content. 

Second after you’ve done that, you go to the reviews section. You go to the ones and the fives because they are the most satisfied or the most dissatisfied. When someone is passionately satisfied or disappointed, their subconscious overrides and they articulate some of the most beautifully clear cut language including emotions and tangents of what they wanted, what they didn’t want, what they liked, what they got and what they didn’t get. 

You will outperform the top copywriters.

If you go through all the ones and all the fives for two or three different categories of books on your topic, It will give you language patterns that you can use that are going to be more powerful than the top copywriter, because you’re going to be speaking directly to the subconscious of the mind of the target audience about either what they want. 

You can then write copy, create sales, scripts, emails, landing pages and more. 

The caveat is: if that isn’t an authentic expression of what you either are or what you realize you must become, then it will be inauthentic. And when they do any transaction with you, it’ll break down because it will be in congruent. 

Realize this, everything I stand for, everything I share, teach, expose or reveal is predicated on your willingness to operate at the highest pinnacle of ethical high integrity conduct. 

It’s not meant to teach you how to manipulate somebody, it’s meant to teach you how to connect in the richest, most authentic and sustainable way. It pre assumes you’re going to live these ideals. And they’re not just going to be a manipulative type of concept. 

You have an ethical obligation to make sure that people are told the truth.

You must be willing not to let them buy less than they need.

When you understand that what you have is so extremely valuable and can alter someone’s life and business, It’s your obligation to help set them free.

It’s tremendously powerful.

Learn more about Jay Abraham at www.Abraham.com

Become the Go-To Authority and Land Clients…

Learn how to become the go-to authority in your industry and scoop up your fair share of dream clients without paid ads or cold outreach.

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