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7 Practical Habits For Happiness

7 practical habits for how to be happy.

What is up everybody? Papa Chris Evans here.

Who wants to be happier in their life more consistently?

Yes, I believe that happiness and joy are the aims of life. A lot of people try to chase the wrong things to get happiness.

You nee to understand this: These things I’m going to tell you today are not “massive revelations.” I didn’t go to the heavens and pull this down. These are things that we all know. I’m just going to restate them and maybe remind you of them because if you find happiness from the right things that is also true healthiness.

At Traffic and Funnels, we are really an organization that makes that a priority. Before we dive in let’s define some terms.

  • Habit is a regular practice. I’m going to give you seven things that you can do to regularly practice so that you can find consistent happiness.

  • Happiness is an emotional state. It’s a feeling of joy and satisfaction. It is also synonymous with contentment, fulfillment.

Here’s what you must know.

“Happiness is completely up to you.”

Say “it’s up to me.”

Other people don’t control your happiness. Who does? You do. Yes. You do.

Happiness is not something that happens to you. It’s something that you cultivate through the right habits, yes.

You can also get happiness from other things like overindulgence in the wrong things…

Maybe eat a whole pizza pie… Taylor welch I’m talking to you.

But, happiness in the RIGHT things are going to have a longer lasting effect and they just feel better. it’s more potent when you find happiness in the right things.

So, here’s number one of how to be happy.

1. Know and measure what’s important to you.

You need to know what you want out of life. What is your goal and your vision? This is crucial for number two. And the thing about knowing really where you’re going is your ability to measure that in increments and milestones.

That could be financial. That could be personal in your relationships. That could be your health. It could be a lot of different things. So what’s important for you?

And as human beings, we get contentment and joy out of accomplishment. But if we’re not measuring the important things of our life, well, we’re just aimless.

A Lot of times, depression and anxiety and stress comes from not having clarity. So you must know what you want. 

And you must measure that number, too.

Say number two.

2. Learn to say no.

Learn to say no to what’s not important to you. Can I get an amen?

How many times do you say yes to things that you really shouldn’t say yes to? Right? 

But the reason why, I believe, is because we don’t know what we should be saying yes to versus no. 

Your yes is your vision. Your yes is your goals, what you’re about, who you want to be, what you want to have internal and external. 

If you don’t have that clarified, then when somebody comes at you with whatever, how do you know when to say no? Can I get an amen? 

Number three.

3. Live without bitterness.

Live without bitterness. This is huge. Y’all You might want to take some time after this and examine yourself. Are there people in your life that you have not forgiven?

Maybe it’s yourself. You might be bitter against yourself. You might have issues against yourself. It’s time to let go. A little Papa C love coming at you right now. 

Okay. So, just forgive quickly. It’s a practice. I’ve got to practice it. So make sure that you forgive quickly and also ask forgiveness quickly. 

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4. Practice perspective. 

Oh yeah, it’s getting good.

Perspective. One of the ways that you practice perspective is by practicing gratitude daily. Y’all have it good. You are breathing, you’ve got food, you got clothes, you have shelter. That’s all the things that you need to get the right perspective. 

Your happiness is fragile when it is based on things that are external, and you’re like, “man, this sucks.” Or this thing happened, like “I got a flat tire” or, “I wasn’t planning on that.”

When you practice perspective through gratitude, you zoom out past the external things and you see that your life is really good. Things are great. And this is what I do on a continual basis. 

It’s a habit to walk in happiness and joy and fulfillment. 

5. Be generous in your giving. 

Generosity is powerful. So be generous in your giving. Your financial giving, your time, your energy, your effort, your emotions, again, to the right people. You must have boundaries in this.

And this goes back to number one, knowing what you want, what you’re about, your vision, your goals. And it has to be in alignment with that. =

Whenever I’m in a funk or I feel whatever, a lot of times I’ll just give financially to someone who’s not where I’m at in life automatically. It just changes my state. 

If you don’t have a continual practice of giving to others, especially great organizations, make it a practice, make it a habit. Give to others.

I believe as humans, we were born to be givers. That’s why it’s important for us to be healthy. 

6. Practice anti-fragility

What does anti-fragility mean? it’s the opposite of fragility. 

Put yourself in positions consistently where it’s not comfortable for you. One of the ways we do this is physical exertion. I was telling Taylor today, I’m buying a sauna and a cold plunge.

There’s science behind this. There’s huge benefits of this indirectly correlated with happiness and joy.

So if you aren’t walking or running or exercising on a daily basis, make that a part of your routine. Okay. y’all, we’re coming down to the wire here.

7. Learn to appreciate and cherish the small things.

The small things. If you can find joy in the small things, and contentment in the moments, I think you’ve discovered a massive secret that most people on this planet don’t discover.

It’s not about the next big hit, the dopamine rush. What are the little things that you can just enjoy this morning? 

I sent Taylor a picture, just having an espresso on my front porch.

Cherish the moment. Value the moment. The things that you can never get back in your life are the moments and the time. So today, tomorrow, cherish it. 

Whatever it is for you, whether it’s just going out and looking at trees or loving art or whatever.

That’s where you find quality of life. All right. Y’all that’s it. Keep an eye on our entrepreneurship blog for new content every week.


-Chris Evans, Co-Founder

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Get our Latest Book for Free

Grab our latest book, “The Consultant Next Door” where my business partner, Taylor Welch and I go over how we built our online consulting business to create a life of freedom and impact, and how you can do the same.

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